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“Who owns what?” is disputed in Rolling Stones planned auction

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2012 | Property Division

A proposed auction of memorabilia and other assets once owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has triggered accusations by the musician that his ex-wife is selling his personal property without his authorization. While his former spouse contends that all of the items being sold are rightfully hers per the terms of their divorce settlement addressing equitable distribution and division of assets, Wood is adamant that the property is his, and he is seeking to stop the sale of those items.

Ronnie Wood was married to his ex-wife, Jo, for 24 years before their divorce was finalized in 2011. Some of the items at play in the couple’s dispute are Rolling Stones memorabilia and Wood’s personal artwork. Now, an auction house is advertising the upcoming sale of some of these items, including tour outfits worn during his Rolling Stones performances as well as one of his guitars.

Although this is a high-asset property division case, it highlights some of the post-divorce complications that can befall many divorcing couples across the country, including in Florida. Some former spouses may have an easier time claiming personal property as their own and successfully selling it for their own personal profit — and in some cases, it can be difficult to prove that they violated the terms of a divorce settlement if its drafting or execution was unclear or otherwise deficient.

In this high-profile case, Wood contends that his wife had contacted him about participating in the sale of the items, but he refused to do so and did not authorize the sale of those items. He claims he was shocked to learn that she was proceeding with the sale without him.

The proceeds from the sale of the memorabilia are slated be donated to MusiCares, a program aiding in the recovery of individuals in the music business. The total earnings are expected to be somewhere around half a million dollars.

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