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August 2011 Archives

U.S. Domestic Violence Case Heard by International Commission

A Colorado woman received an order of protection against her estranged husband in 1999. She thereafter sought to have it enforced repeatedly, telling the Castle Rock police department that she feared for the safety of her three daughters.

Shorn of Drama, Prenups Simply a Potentially Effective Legal Tool

The collective reaction is likely to be more than tepid if the subject of prenuptial agreements is brought up at any gathering where a number of adults are present.

Orlando Focused on Curbing Acts of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a problem virtually everywhere in the United States, with Florida's Orange County being no exception. In 2010 alone, more than 10,000 calls related to domestic abuse were made to police agencies in the county.

Social Media in the Family Law Arena: Pervasive and Growing

In today's high-tech world, it might be prudent to think of others -- literally, the billions of people you don't even know who constitute an undifferentiated mass on the periphery of your world -- as potential voyeurs who might conceivably gain access to your online photos, comments, downloads and other personal information.

Hollywood Calling: Movie Outcomes and Wish-Fulfillment Fantasies

Dr. Robert Epstein, a psychologist and writer of parenting guide books, says that, "Hollywood is about fantasy and happy endings," and that family reconciliation on the big screen in a manner that would not realistically occur in the real word "does no harm at all."

Single Dads and Kids: A Perceptible Shift from Past Decades

Child custody law and related judicial determinations have historically been underscored in the United States by this one centrally perceived truism, as expressed by a family law researcher and sociology processor: "Unless the mother was dead or in jail or mentally ill, the father wouldn't get the child."

From Marriage to Divorce: For Many, the Seven Year Itch Rings True

The Seven Year Itch was a play written in 1952 that was later turned into a movie starring Marilyn Monroe. In the movie, Monroe -- a young single woman -- moves into an apartment building and becomes the focal point of interest for another resident, a man who becomes obsessed with her while his wife and son are off for the summer.

Federal Court: Employer Can't Probe Workers' Reasons for Divorce

People sometimes marry purely for love's sake, and sometimes for a number of complex, interrelated and highly personal reasons. The dissolution of a marriage is similar, in that divorce often owes as much to myriad factors and considerations as it does to a simple and single explanation.

America's Evolving Family Law: Complex, Rapidly Changing

An interesting article that chronicles some of the momentous changes and shifting trends that have occurred in family law over the past few decades (and in a much more sweeping and rapid fashion in just the past few years) underscores many of the daily considerations and concerns of a family law attorney with a diverse practice.

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