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America’s Evolving Family Law: Complex, Rapidly Changing

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2011 | Divorce

An interesting article that chronicles some of the momentous changes and shifting trends that have occurred in family law over the past few decades (and in a much more sweeping and rapid fashion in just the past few years) underscores many of the daily considerations and concerns of a family law attorney with a diverse practice.

The article references, for example, the great divide between commonplace perceptions regarding divorce in the 1950s and 1960s versus what has evolved in the national mindset since then.

“Fault” divorce was the standard in America until California changed its law in 1970 to allow for no-fault divorces. Prior to that standard, which eventually became law in all states, marriage dissolution was typically played out in court, with, often, a fair amount of acrimony and charges of mental cruelty, infidelity, alcoholism and other “who is at fault and why” accusations featuring.

Material and truly dramatic changes have taken place since the spread of “no-fault,” in areas ranging from evolving child custody norms and paternity to issues surrounding cohabitation, surrogacy and same-sex marriages. Truly, the concept of what is encompassed by “marriage” and social/romantic partnerships has evolved tremendously over time in American society, with new family structures, visitation and parenting arrangements having emerged to cloud what was prevalent in earlier — and, admittedly — simpler times.

A knowledgeable and diligent family law attorney keeps paces with material changes and developments in the area, and can answer questions in areas that span the spectrum of human relationships and how the law affects them.

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