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3 divorce judgments you can modify

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Divorce

When you and your ex-spouse divorced, you agreed on several matters. But you may alter some of them when circumstances that led to the order(s) change. Florida’s family court uses a fully integrated, comprehensive approach when making decisions. Thus, if your new situation is relevant, they may approve your request for a modification.

Below are three divorce judgments you can modify after the process is finalized.

Parenting plan/ child custody

If you and your ex-spouse have kids, you created a parenting plan detailing how you will take care of them, how you will make decisions affecting them and a visitation schedule.

You can request to modify this plan under certain circumstances, including your spouse relocating, frequent disobedience of the custody terms or cases of drug abuse, increased instability, incarceration or child neglect. If your co-parent dies, you will also need to change this plan.

Child support

A change in income (an increase or a decrease), a change in your kids’ needs, increased child expenses and the loss of a job may create grounds to modify a child support order. A significant change in your life, such as marriage or having another child, may also encourage the modification of this order.

Spousal support

Most of the circumstances that justify a modification of child support may apply to spousal support. Besides them, you can modify or vacate this order if your spouse remarries or dies. Note that the circumstances may differ depending on the type of alimony the court ordered you to pay.

If you can no longer pay child and spousal support, it will help to request the modification sooner to avoid getting into debt.

Defying a court judgment is unlawful and can get you into trouble. If you wish to change a family court order, get guidance to avoid mistakes.