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Florida man has children removed after break-in at his home

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Child Custody, Timesharing & Custody Matters

There may be no more contentious and emotional part of a divorce than working out the details of child custody and time spent with children. Couples in Florida have often been able to work out the division of assets and material possessions before coming to loggerheads over where the kids live.

But the biggest losers in a divorce are often the children, who bear the brunt of the effects without having any choices in the matters that govern their lives. This is why family courts in Florida are empowered to rule in favor of the children’s apparent best interests.

A man in Hillsborough County lost custody of his children after an apparent break-in at the home where he hosted them. The man was apparently beaten by a pair of assailants who barged in and sought money. His pregnant wife shot and killed one of the attackers.

His children and the child that his wife delivered were removed into state custody by the Department of Child Protective Services. The man and his attorney have taken exception to this decision during and after a court hearing on the matter.

“They said I created an unsafe environment for my children and that it’s my fault the home intruders came there,” the man said of the court.

People with a case against child custody arrangements can retain an attorney to have their voices heard in court. A lawyer can work with other involved parties and state officials to hammer out an acceptable deal based on a fresh view of the best interests of children.