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Tips for timesharing and custody after a Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Child Custody, Timesharing & Custody Matters

Without a doubt, child custody issues concern divorced parents more than anything else does. Both parents want nothing more than to have happy, healthy kids once their divorce is complete. At the same time, each parent worries that the other parent is falling short in caring for the kids. It is a terrible circle of worry and relief that can wear down an individual physically and emotionally.

As parents ourselves, we understand how timesharing and custody matters continue to plague divorced Florida parents. Our attorneys want to help you overcome these issues so that you can be happy right alongside your kids. In our years of practice, we have learned what can work in some timesharing situations and we would like to give this knowledge to our readers.

Stay kid-focused: It is often easier to share your kids when you focus on the benefits your child receives from contact with both parents. These benefits include security for your kids as well as improved mental and emotional health.

Work on parent-to-parent communication: Sharing children means that you will continue to have at least some contact with your ex for years to come. Improving your communication skills can help you avoid disputes and hostility, which will enhance your children’s sense of security.

Learn to embrace compromise: There will no doubt be times when you must choose to compromise with your ex or stand your ground. Compromising over small matters can improve your ability to make big decisions with your co-parent more effectively.

We know that timesharing and custody matters are important to you and your kids. If you find yourself struggling with any legal issues involving your children, please reach out for assistance. Addressing these matters early on can go a long way toward helping your kids thrive after your divorce. Learn more by continuing to review our website and blog.