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January 2015 Archives

How do Florida courts protect spouses from domestic violence?

Being a victim of violence is never pleasant, but it is even worse when the abuser is also your spouse. Many victims of domestic violence often fear retribution for reporting attacks against them or their children. Fortunately, the state of Florida considers domestic violence a serious issue and provides powerful legal protections that are intended to separate victims from their abusers.

High-asset property division appeal related to business value

Property division is often one of the most stressful and contentious parts of a divorce. Even when Florida couples are striving for a civil split, protecting individual interests becomes a bigger desire -- often even a survival mechanism. Survival may not be at the heart of a property division battle in a billion-dollar case making national news, but questions about the value of the husband's business are.

Experienced help with your Florida military divorce

Nothing is ever easy when a couple decides to end their marriage. However, some hardships brought about by divorce are felt more keenly by those serving in the military. For example, a military divorce may take longer than average if one spouse is on active duty or serving in a permanent overseas station. Additionally, the nature of the military means that many divorced spouses who share children together may also face difficulties related to out-of-state relocation.

What 5 ways are used to establish paternity in Florida?

Child custody or support cases could involve the need for establishing paternity, and there are many other reasons you might want to prove someone is the father of your child or children. The state of Florida provides a number of ways for establishing legal paternity, according to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Florida’s premarital agreement law and blended families

In past generations, it was common for married couples to remain together for their entire lives. Today, many people experience divorce and remarriage to other people all the time. In fact, a report conducted by the Pew Research Center found that four out of 10 American adults have at least one step-relative. A step-relative is someone who is defined as either a stepparent, stepchild or a step sibling. The latter is also commonly referred to as a half-brother or half-sister.

Understanding how marital estates are divided in Florida divorces

Decisions regarding the division of property and assets are often some of the most hotly contested issues during Florida divorces. Determining which spouse should receive certain items can be especially tricky when there are high assets at stake. A family-owned business, an extensive stock portfolio or perhaps a vacation home are some examples of items that can form battle lines between divorcing spouses. This is particularly true for couples who are married without first creating a prenuptial agreement.

Who should consider a premarital agreement?

In reality, any couple can enter into a premarital agreement and one or both sides may benefit from the contract. While a major reason many Florida couples enter into such agreements is financial, you could also use a premarital agreement to outline expectations such as care for children of previous marriages or where the couple will settle in retirement years.

Divorce rates in Florida: 1990 to 2009

Florida residents have likely heard anecdotal information about the rate of divorce throughout the country. Most people say that divorce rates are rising, but statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau that compare divorce rates from 1990 and 2009 seem to indicate otherwise.

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