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Take control of your relationships during your Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2014 | Divorce

Your Florida divorce may be causing you some emotional distress and general anxiety. Would it help you to know that experts say there are no “normal” marriages or divorces? Or that you do not have to choose between the two extremes of a perfect marriage and a horribly broken home? Your divorce may not be the easiest experience in your lifetime, but it does not have to lead to ongoing unpleasantness; in fact, you can take control of your family relationships to promote health and happiness during this difficult time.

When you are going through your divorce, you may feel as though the only choices you have are between a perfectly functional “intact” household — and a broken household in which your children can never thrive. There are no guarantees in divorce, but it can provide a positive opportunity for change for everyone in the family. Parents are largely in charge of their own response to their divorces. Will they be bitter, angry and unhappy? Or will they take this time to work on their personal lives to become healthier, more focused individuals?

Parents may also worry that their children will suffer if they are subject to a divorce. Sure, there may be some emotional challenges, but experts say that children are more likely to thrive in a functional split household than in a toxic “intact” family. When you divorce, it is unlikely that you are choosing between a happy family structure and a broken home. In fact, your home is already unhappy; you have the potential to change that through a marital dissolution.

The decision to divorce is never an easy choice, but this path may not be as fraught with difficulty as you think. With the right support from a legal team and group of financial professionals, you may be able to weather the storm and ultimately benefit from your divorce proceedings. Even child support and child custody matters can be decided with the best interests of the family in mind.

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