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Circumcision brings up parental responsibility question

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Child Custody

Florida residents usually associate child custody with issues of where a minor lives or which parent has control over certain living situations or decisions. In reality, child custody can become much more complex, especially when parents fail to come to agreement on major issues. One child is caught in a battle between parents who cannot agree on whether the boy should have a circumcision.

According to reports, the parents have been at odds over issues since the child was born in 2010. Documents show the father filed for paternity right around a month after the boy was born. In January 2012, the parents came to a parenting agreement that was approved by the court.

The parenting plan agreed to in 2012 allegedly had a provision regarding circumcision. The father would pay for and schedule the procedure; the mother could accompany the child to the procedure if she wanted. According to the mother, the circumcision never happened because neither party brought it up following the agreement.

At some point, the father decided to pursue the issue, but the mother reportedly regrets that she agreed to the matter in the first place. She is now fighting the father in court. According to reports, the father is not pushing the circumcision for religious reasons. There was some information that could indicate that the boy needed a circumcision for medical reasons, but a doctor was not able to confirm the medical condition.

The boy is now three years old and would have to undergo general anesthesia for the procedure. As the mother attempts to fight the circumcision, the father asked a judge to hold her in contempt. He also accused the mother of using the child and the issue to gain attention for herself.

In any child custody, both mothers and fathers may feel strongly about certain issues. It’s important to fight for what you believe is in the best interests of your children. However, it’s also important to understand how legal guidance can help you with the process.

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