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March 2014 Archives

Can a mobile phone app help with your divorce?

In today's fast-paced technological society, we are increasingly demanding instant access to a variety of services through the use of cellphone apps. Whether a Florida resident wants to order a cab or a pizza, apps have the answer for many of life's problems. Now, industry experts are saying that the development of a divorce app may have a significant impact on the way that Florida courts decide family law issues such as alimony and child custody.

Are same-sex divorces possible in Florida?

Across the nation, marriage and divorce law is in confusion when it comes to dealing with same-sex unions. Because some states allow same-sex marriage and others don't, there are a growing number of cases of individuals seeking legal recourse related to marriage when state law doesn't support filing for divorce. Individuals in Florida may wonder if same-sex divorce is possible since same-sex marriage is currently not allowed.

Equitable distribution of stock options: Not as easy as you think

When many Florida couples start the divorce process, they may think of property division as relating to actual items. Although your personal jewelry and artwork may be important considerations, intangible assets can also play a critical role in your divorce. In some financially complex divorce cases, it can be difficult to divide or even identify potential assets. Stock options and restricted stock definitely fall into the "confusing property" category during equitable distribution negotiations. Today, we explain more about the potential value of stock options and restricted stock.

Don't forget important routines when dealing with child custody

Couples in the Miami, Florida, area who are dealing with divorce may also be considering child custody arrangements. A post-divorce parenting plan can be complex, but should consider the best interests of the child or children as well as the needs of the parents. According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Development and Behavioral Pediatrics, some routines positively impact emotional and social health in kids.

State sitting on millions in Florida child support funds

Scores of Florida children have not received the financial assistance they need because their child support payments have been delayed. You may think that this phenomenon is caused by so-called "deadbeat" parents -- but you would be wrong. In fact, the state is holding on to millions of dollars in child support, depriving families of the financial help they desperately need. An investigative report showed that 4,000 families in three Florida counties are owed $463,000. Consider the overdue amounts throughout the state, and the figure skyrockets to nearly $30 million.

Florida woman sets 3 specifics in her premarital agreement

Couples considering marriage or divorce in Miami-Dade County, Florida, may have considerations related to stipulations for marriage. Premarital agreements provide some protection of finances and other matters when someone enters into a marriage, but they can also be challenged upon divorce given certain circumstances. What many couples don't realize is that premarital agreements don't have to be 100 percent financially-based – they can also record stipulations for other areas of the marriage.

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