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Month: April 2011

As Economy Strengthens, Divorce Filings Increase

When times get tough economically, people cut back -- on cars, the size of the homes they buy, their vacations, hobbies and virtually everything else they think they might be unable to afford.That includes divorce. Many family law attorneys across the country have...

Halle Berry Child Custody Dispute Resolved

For many people, stories about celebrities -- including the disputes they are involved in -- make for great reading at purely an entertainment level. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan come quickly to mind.In other instances, their entanglements with the police,...

More changes coming for Florida alimony law?

Some legislators aren't done with the remake of Florida's family law that took place last year.Lawmakers are proposing to further ease spousal support requirements on those who have to pay alimony. "We want to do things equitably and fairly," said Rep. Kelli...