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Young couples often divorce, but why?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Divorce

If you look into divorce statistics, you’ll find out that being young when you get married makes you statistically more likely to get a divorce. You may legally be allowed to get married at 18, for example, but marrying your high school sweetheart shortly after graduation increases the odds that you’ll eventually be in court to end that marriage

You may find yourself wondering why this is. Perhaps you’re young and you can’t imagine falling out of love with your partner. Or maybe you’ve seen it happen to other couples that seemed happy, and you wanted to know why. Either way, you wonder what drives this statistical consistency and keeps the divorce rate so high.

People often change

In some cases, there’s not a big event that causes the divorce. The problem is just that young people change a lot after getting married. Remember that brain development isn’t even fully complete until around age 25, so it’s possible to be much different than you were when you got married, even if that was only a few years before.

Money can be an issue

In a large percentage of divorce cases, money is the real issue. The couple may not have enough money to make ends meet or they might just argue about how to use the money that they have. Young marriages accentuate this because a young couple that has never even lived alone may find that it’s very difficult to support themselves.

If you and your spouse are thinking about a divorce, no matter how old you were when you got married, make sure you carefully consider the legal steps you need to take.