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What should you do when your ex cancels their time-sharing?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Child Custody

Your ex calls you, sounding absolutely horrible. Their voice is hoarse, and they inform you that they cannot come to pick up the children for the weekend. You have a time-sharing arrangement outlined in your Florida parenting plan, but you understand why they can’t come.

An occasional, well-explained change to the division of parenting time is unavoidable. Being flexible with your ex when they can’t show up on time might mean that they extend the same courtesy to you in the future. Unfortunately, if your ex consistently cancels or doesn’t show up at all, then addressing their cancellations becomes more important.

How can you resolve their constant time-sharing cancellations?

Keep notes so you can have a discussion

If you break it down for them by explaining how many times they have failed to show up and give specific dates, that can help them see how frequently they have canceled. You may also want to explain to them how the children reacted, as the sadness or anger your children expressed might be a stronger motivator than compliance with a parenting plan.

Ask for a modification in family court

If your ex still refuses to show up as they should for the children, then it may be time to change the terms of your parenting plan to reflect how often your ex actually shows up for the kids.

Reducing their parenting time could mean less stress for you as you scramble for last-minute child care and less sadness for the children who feel rejected at every cancellation. It could also mean more child support, as the financial obligations of each parent reflect the division of parenting time, as well as several other factors.

Seeking a post-decree modification of your custody arrangements can help you resolve issues with the other parent not showing up for your children.