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Should you and your ex vacation together?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Child Custody

The summer is the season for family vacations, and your children have free time during this three-month break from school. When you and your ex were married, you always took at least a week for a family trip. 

Things have changed, though, and you got divorced. Should you still go on that family vacation together, or is it a bad idea?

How will it impact the kids?

This is something that some couples choose to do, and the major reason cited is usually that it’s going to make the children happy. Your kids still love both of you, they have fond memories of those family vacations, and keeping up the tradition gives them a chance to spend fun time with both parents — not just one or the other. 

Whether or not you should do this largely depends on if you and your ex are on good terms. Many divorced couples express complete surprise at this idea, saying they don’t want to be around their ex for any amount of time, much less for an entire vacation. 

You also have to consider what the kids are hoping for. If you and your ex know you’re not getting back together, but the children hope you will, is a joint vacation going to send the wrong message? If it is, you could just make things harder for the children than if you both planned trips with them independently. 

Complex custody decisions

You can see that custody can bring up some complex questions and complicated decisions. Make sure you consider them carefully while ironing out your custody arrangement. An experienced advocate can help you explore all of your options and look for creative solutions.