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Marital mediation may be how to create a postmarital agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Prenuptial Agreements

You’ve reached the end of the rope. You can’t deal with your responsibilities to a spouse anymore. After talking, self-care and perhaps therapy, you must admit that you don’t want to be married anymore. But divorce isn’t some college breakup. It takes more effort and work to disentangle two people from legal matrimony, especially if children are involved.

It may be worth considering a final attempt at working out differences, especially if both parties seem to have a better idea of what they are. Marital mediation is making its way onto the scene of people struggling with marriage. It can be described as a hybrid of counseling and therapy, while not really being either of those things. The purpose is to get people to communicate about their issues and perhaps create a better relationship.

Postmarital agreements are often a result of the marital mediation process. Marital mediation is not couples counseling, so people should not expect to deal with the emotional issues that affect their relationship. Any serious issues relating to joint assets, responsibilities or spending may be worked out and documented in an agreement that is signed and recognized by both parties.

Another useful aspect of a postmarital agreement may be the process if it doesn’t work out. Divorce can be chaotic but, if the terms and expectations of the process are laid out ahead of time, it may be far more orderly if a couple gives a new shot a chance and it doesn’t do the trick. An attorney can help couples interested in a postmarital agreement work out these possibilities.