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Information for grandparents considering adoption in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2019 | Uncontested Adoptions

Caring for a child is not always an easy task, especially for parents who are struggling with other issues. For example, parents with a history of drug or alcohol addiction may find parenting especially difficult. In many cases, grandparents are there to step in for one or both parents and continue caring for the child.

In Florida, grandparents can take responsibility for a grandchild without having to face too many challenges. These are typically uncontested adoptions that proceed more smoothly than adoptions by adults unrelated to the child. For example, most adoptions require one or more home investigations before finalization. By contrast, the state usually waives this requirement during uncontested adoptions by relatives.

Often, grandparents are already filling a parental role in the life of a grandchild, so why should they bother to adopt? Perhaps they hope or believe that their grandchild’s biological parents are only experiencing a temporary setback. In some cases, there may exist one or more reasons to hang onto this hope, but when hope runs out or when the child needs more stability, an uncontested adoption might be the right decision.

Another reason to make the arrangement formal is so that grandparents gain the right to make legal decisions for a child. For example, caregivers who are grandparents may wish to make legal arrangements for a child in case of death or incapacity. Without adopting, grandparents may have no legal basis to make these advance directives.

Although uncontested adoptions are usually simpler than other adoptions, it is still wise to seek legal representation and guidance. This ensures that no mistakes occur that could delay the process or disrupt the child’s life even more.