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Things to include in a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements

One of the most difficult discussions you will have with your future spouse is whether or not you should create a prenuptial agreement. This is a hot topic for some people who might be offended by the thought of this idea. For others, this is something they wouldn’t sneeze at prior to getting married. Either way, it’s always best to look into whether or not this is an option for you in Miami.

One of the most common reasons couples create prenuptial agreements is to keep their finances separate. This typically deals with what money or assets will be kept separate upon divorce. You will be able to list certain financial items in the agreement so you can keep them from being divided equally by the court.

Is your future spouse entering the marriage with debt? If so, a prenuptial agreement can protect you from that debt. When people get married, the other spouse assumes part of the responsibility for that debt. This can be avoided if you create a prenup.

Do you have children from a prior marriage? You can ensure that they are protected and provided for using a prenup. For example, if you want them to inherit a portion of your estate upon your death, a prenup will allow you to set this up so your spouse does not receive all of it.

A prenup is also used to define which spouse gets what should the marriage end in divorce. For example, you can define that one spouse can keep the marital house while the other keeps the vacation home, or vice versa. You can also discuss the cars, some financial accounts, art collections and much more.

Are you getting ready to exchange vows in Miami, Florida? It’s best that you have a prenuptial agreement created prior to getting married. As explained above, this document can protect both you and your future spouse from quite a few legal issues should you wind up getting divorced.