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What if my ex wants to homeschool?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2015 | Child Custody

While some may think of homeschooling as a fringe education option, the reality is that more and more parents are considering it. There are also many different kinds of homeschooling options available today, including co-ops and online schools, which further increase its popularity. However, many parents have strong views on their children’s education, and when the parents are divorced and one parent opposes the homeschooling, it can lead to legal issues.

One of the common issues that comes up in a dispute over homeschooling is the socialization aspect. Because children are not in a classroom with many peers every day, some people may believe that homeschooling provides less-than-adequate socialization. However, this is not always true and often depends on the method of homeschooling.

Generally, homeschooling can be seen as a viable and acceptable education option by the courts, but this also depends on individual circumstance. All decisions by the court, including resolving a dispute about homeschooling, come down to the best interests of the child and what has been the status quo. If the children have been homeschooled for some time and have been doing well, there may be little reason to make any changes.

This is also true for the other side. If a child is exhibiting signs of depression or is having poor academic performance while homeschooled that was not present during traditional schooling, the courts may decide that homeschooling is not in the best interests of the children. If you and your ex are having trouble deciding which education option is in the best interests of the children, seeking legal counsel can help.

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