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Actress Hallie Berry seeking modification of child support order

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Child Support

On July 14, popular television and movie actress Hallie Berry was in court seeking to reduce her monthly child support payments to her ex-boyfriend. An attorney for the 48-year-old actress appeared with Berry in a Los Angeles County, California, courtroom to ask a judge to reconsider a prior child support order. That order required the actress to pay her ex-boyfriend $16,000 per month to offset his costs for taking care of the couple’s 7-year-old daughter.

The child’s father is a Canadian model who first met Berry at a photo shoot back in 2005. The couple gave birth to their daughter in 2008, and they later separated in 2010. Berry subsequently married a French actor in 2013 and that new couple now has a 21 month-old child together.

In the closed-door session, Berry’s attorneys reportedly told the judge that the child’s father is avoiding work in order to justify Barry’s hefty $16,000 per month child support payments to him. Berry wants the court to lower her monthly payments to $3,000. Although the court did not make a determination regarding the child support, it did, however, order the child’s father to refrain from straightening their daughter’s hair.

As part of both parent’s previous agreements and court orders, Berry was denied permission to relocate to France with the couple’s daughter. She also agreed to split the costs of health care expenses for the child with her ex-boyfriend. Berry also currently pays for the child’s school tuition.

There are a few things you should know if you are currently unhappy with the terms of your previous divorce decree. Florida family courts recognize that external conditions can affect the appropriateness of child support obligations over time. For example, you may have experienced an illness or disability that prevents you from meeting your current support obligations. Conversely, your child may now require educational assistance or medical treatments that were not contemplated at the time of your divorce.

Fortunately, a Florida family law attorney can assist you in seeking modifications to previous child-support orders. If successful, an attorney can help you adjust your child support in a manner that is an appropriate remedy to ensure that your child’s needs are fulfilled.

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