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Older divorcees need to consider their credit card debt

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Divorce

A relatively recent trend in family law is an increasing number of older Americans are now choosing to end their marriages. Divorce, once considered taboo for baby boomers, is now considered a viable option for many people of advanced age. In fact, frequent readers of our online blog may remember a previous article in which we discussed the rise of so-called “grey divorces”. It’s now estimated that one out of every four Americans divorces involve spouses who are 50 years or older.

One of the main reasons that is so important is because many older divorcees include spouses who have been married for a long time. Plenty of time to rack up considerable credit card debt. Florida differs from other states that consider all debt incurred during the marriage as shared community property. Put simply, both you and your future ex-spouse could be held jointly liable for debt on co-signed credit cards.

Imagine a scenario where you failed to resolve your credit card debt prior to your divorce. You could be moving forward with your life as a single person yet still be affected by your ex-spouse’s bankruptcy. Even worse, vendors could come after you if your former spouse fails to pay them.

You need someone to help ensure that your credit card liability is disposed of prior to the issuance of your final divorce decree. Someone to help negotiate on your behalf for a reasonable credit card debt settlement.

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