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Singer Usher prevails in emergency child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2013 | Child Custody

As this blog has noted in a few prior posts, family law matters involving high-profile media figures can be instructive beyond the mere entertainment value they provide for some readers through gossip tabloids and televisions shows.

In fact, is it precisely that wide and public dissemination of the subject matter involving celebrities that can result in viewers or readers reflecting on similar situations that are playing out in their lives.

In such stories, there is often an explanation of a legal process or procedure, when and how it is invoked and how it might reasonably be expected to turn out. Details are sometimes provided concerning a definitive outcome in a divorce, a matter concerning a prenuptial agreement or alimony hearing, a property distribution order or other dissolution-related issue.

That turned out to be the case last week regarding an emergency child custody hearing involving the singer Usher and his former spouse.. Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond went through a protracted child custody dispute following their divorce in 2009, pursuant to which Usher was granted primary custody and decision-making authority over the couple’s two young sons.

One of those children was the focal point of last week’s hearing. Raymond sought the hearing last Tuesday, one day after the boy was pulled from a swimming pool drain by a worker at Usher’s home in Atlanta. That employee performed CPR on the child, who was taken to a local hospital and treated.

Raymond stated at the hearing that Usher uses inadequately trained caregivers, that he is too frequently away from the children on business, and that he doesn’t confer with her on child-related matters. She sought temporary custody of both boys.

The judge ruled otherwise, finding the accident unavoidable and noting that one of the child’s aunts was poolside watching the child when the accident occurred. Usher was nearby at the time and notified his ex-wife following the incident.

The court advised the singer to confer more closely with his former spouse going forward concerning his entertainment schedule and relevant details relating to the care of the couple’s children.

Source: Time, “Judge sides with Usher in child custody battle,” Kate Brumabck, Aug. 9, 2013