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Couples in in Florida, nationally, have divorce choices

On Behalf of | May 22, 2013 | Divorce

If you want to aggressively litigate your Florida divorce, the courtroom is obviously available for that purpose. In fact, some element of adversarialism in the divorce process is common in many dissolutions, and having a judge rule on matters ranging from child custody and support to property division and spousal maintenance can make eminent sense.

What, though, if you and your soon-to-be former mate want to eschew all those legal trappings and some of the less than appealing consequences that can come with them? What if you want to avoid judicially related waiting, filing and responding to motions, going to hearings and generally having important considerations decided by a third party you don’t even know?

There are alternatives, and an experienced family law firm can share them with you and help you achieve your divorce goals largely — if not entirely — outside the corridors of the court.

Mediation is one alternative process to a litigated-through-court divorce that has many advantages in certain dissolutions. For parties who want to gain control over key decisions and have the process proceed at a pace and tenor that they are most comfortable with, enlisting the aid of an experienced divorce mediator can go far toward achieving those goals.

Collaborative divorce is another process that has arisen in what is commonly termed alternative dispute resolution. At the center of both mediated and collaborative divorce is the idea that the presence of a judge and court is removed as much as possible from the process, with the parties themselves having an enhanced level of control over how things will unfold.

In short, and with the help of an experienced divorce mediator with proven acumen in collaborative techniques and strategies, divorcing parties can participate meaningfully and with greater control over all the material aspects of their divorce.

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