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Child custody agreements are versatile, highly varied

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2012 | Child Custody

Divorce cases can sometimes feature some interesting settlement terms as couples come to an agreement of how to approach their now-separate lives. One father, reviewing his wife’s proposed terms for child custody of their two children, noticed that she had requested most of the religious holidays pertinent to her Jewish faith.

The father, who is not religious, subsequently began to brainstorm events throughout the calendar year that were of importance to him. As an avid sports fan, he made some unique proposals regarding visitation and the parenting plan the two parents were trying to set in stone.

First, he asked to have his children for every Super Bowl Sunday, and for every St. Patrick’s Day. But he also asked for much more specific terms: custody of the children during every NCAA men’s basketball championship game in which Syracuse University is a participant.

The man contends that, to him, his support for the basketball team is no different from the religious beliefs of any other person. Given that, he would like to help his children develop the same passion for the team.

The man said that neither attorney in the divorce proceedings had ever seen such a request, which was initially met with some resistance from his ex-wife. Ultimately, the man was able to secure the terms he sought.

The case may sound strange and be good for a chuckle, but it underscores much more serious circumstances regarding child custody cases. In Florida and across the country, divorce proceedings can be hotly contested and sometimes filled with emotional vitriol.

Every divorce settlement is unique from the next, though, with divorcing couples and their children able to make arrangements that fit their particular lifestyles and interests. Ultimately, this can make post-divorce life much more comfortable and enjoyable for both sides.

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