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How social media can impact your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Divorce

Having a social media account has become almost as routine as owning a cellphone. In fact, the two typically go hand in hand. Social media allows you to contact friends, build networks, keep up with the news and share your thoughts..

This all sounds great, but there are some drawbacks. If you’re going through a divorce then it’s wise to regulate your social media activity very carefully. Why is this the case?

Assessing your means

During the divorce, you and your spouse will have to negotiate certain financial matters and the court will step in when necessary. If applicable, the amount of spousal and child support will have to be decided as well as which spouse receives certain assets or shares of assets.

The trouble with even perfectly innocent posts is that they can be interpreted in almost any way. For example, you may have been finding the divorce tough so went away for a few days with a good friend. To your spouse, this may look like you are recklessly spending money, earning more than originally disclosed and already starting a new relationship, even if none of that is actually true. Social media is starting to play a key role in more and more divorce cases.

Your parental attributes

You know that you’re a fantastic parent and your spouse is aware of this too. The courts cannot know this, so they must assess the evidence they have in front of them. In terms of child custody rulings, they will be looking at your ability as a parent and the best interests of the child. Did you attend a party months ago but only uploaded the pictures recently? Is there any way that the court could interpret your posts as irresponsible? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer to this question is nearly always yes.

Divorce and social media generally don’t mix, so it might be worth going under the radar until the dust has settled. To help protect and assert your rights, make sure you have some legal guidance on your side.