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Can games help your children through a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Divorce

Adults often have an indication that their relationship is not working out. Over the years, they may have built up communication skills that allow them to solve problems. If not, then a divorce might be the only feasible option.

Children will most likely not have the same insights into the relationship of their parents. Thus, a divorce may catch them off guard. Younger children might not be able to express their feelings in the same manner as their parents, but it is important that they do. Games and different activities could help your child to talk about their worries and address them in an age-appropriate manner.

Roleplaying activities

It may be uncomfortable for young children to talk about their feelings. However, through roleplaying, they might be able to express their emotions through the medium of another character. Roleplay can help to break down barriers, and it allows your child to talk in depth about emotions, without feeling compromised themselves. It also provides you with an opportunity to relate to how they are feeling, and come up with solutions and methods of support.

Getting creative

Spoken word is not the only form of communication. You can gather a lot of information about how your child is feeling through the pictures that they draw. Children commonly opt to draw pictures of their family, which could be an entry point for you to sensitively discuss how they are feeling about the divorce.

Your children will find aspects of divorce challenging but they can come through the other side. As you begin this new chapter of your life, remember your legal rights as a parent in Florida.