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Adopting siblings in Florida: What you need to know

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Uncontested Adoptions

Sibling groups tend to do better together when they are up for adoption. Often, the older siblings will take care of the younger ones and help ease any bumps that come with an adoption placement. Adopting siblings is on the mind of adoptive parents, 83% of whom are willing to take more than one child. Ready-made families are one bonus of this.

What are sibling groups?

Sibling groups are smaller than most people think. They are highly likely to include two or three children total. Only 18% of adoption groups include four to six children.

You might be surprised who adoptive children think are siblings. To them, this group includes not necessarily only those who share blood. Oftentimes, it includes friends who have grown close or even lived together for notable periods of time.

Special circumstances

Even kids with special needs are better off when adopted as part of a sibling group. Studies find that they get better care in a home with their brother(s) and sister(s) than in a home that takes care of several children with disabilities.

Sibling rivalry and conflict happen frequently with both adopted and non-adopted children. Certainly, serious cases of sibling-on-sibling abuse happen, but these are rare and need to be separated from normal sibling conflict. Normal conflict is not a reason to separate siblings but to keep them together so they can learn conflict resolution.

It is important to try to keep sibling groups together in the adoption process. If not adopted together, it is important to have visitation between the siblings. A lawyer may help you work through the adoption process. Siblings need each other as part of their new family as well as their old one.