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What happens if you don’t have a collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Divorce

The words “collaborative” and “divorce” might sound like they’re at odds with each other. But in fact, a collaborative divorce is one of the best ways to avoid an expensive legal battle in Florida. If the negotiations fail, the divorce could be dragged out for months or even years. Here’s what could happen if people don’t attempt a collaborative divorce.

What happens if a couple doesn’t attempt a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce involves both parties sitting down with their attorneys and figuring out a solution in a calm, civilized matter. If the negotiations are successful, they can finalize their divorce without taking it to court. But if the negotiations break down or if they never attempt a collaborative divorce in the first place, their divorce could threaten to tear their lives apart.

Once they decide to take the divorce to court, their current attorneys will probably withdraw themselves from the case. They’ll have to go through the process of hiring new attorneys before they can start. Additionally, a divorce battle in court can drag on for years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. By the end of it, both parties will be exhausted and swimming in legal debt. They’ll also suffer emotional stress, which can affect their physical health.

How can a couple attempt a collaborative divorce?

If a couple wants to try the collaborative divorce route, they can start by hiring their own attorneys. An attorney might speak with their client privately and figure out the best outcome for them. Then they’ll schedule a time for them to meet with their client’s former spouse and their attorney.

During this time, the attorneys might act as mediators to keep the discussion civilized. They might interject if things start to get heated. While they’re here to represent their client, they want both parties to walk away satisfied.