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Offering your children reassurance during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is a challenging process before you take into consideration the impact on your children. When you bring them into the equation, you have more things to think about.

Even though divorce is never easy on children, there are things you can say to ease the pain and remove some of the stress from their life. Here are five things you should consider saying:

  • You didn’t do anything wrong: Regardless of their age, it’s natural for children to assume they did something wrong. It’s your responsibility to let them know this isn’t the case.
  • Don’t hide your feelings: Your children should never have to hide their true feelings from you or anyone else. Let them know it’s okay to feel however they feel.
  • I’m there for you: Depending on age, your children may feel that they are more alone than ever. Be clear that you’re there to provide them with whatever they need.
  • We’ll get through it together: This is something you can say to ensure that your children never feel alone. Let them know that divorce is difficult on everyone, but that it’s nothing that all of you can’t get past.
  • Both of your parents still love you: Just because you don’t get along with your ex-spouse, that doesn’t mean your children have to take sides. Let them know they’ll always be loved by both of you.

When you say these things to your children about divorce, it’s easier to feel better about how they’ll respond. This allows you to turn more of your time and attention to the divorce process and your legal rights.