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6 tips to have a peaceful divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

No one wants to have a contentious divorce. Regardless of how angry you are, if you knew how difficult and expensive long, drawn-out family law battles can be, you’d be willing to bite your tongue in a heartbeat. The problem is, when the emotions take over, many of us lose our self-control and a relatively simple divorce process can quickly get out of hand.

This is why it’s essential that Florida spouses make the conscious choice to have a peaceful divorce, and take proactive steps that support the peace of their legal proceedings. Here are six easy tips that can help spouses in this regard:

Take good care of your mind and body

Exercise and proper nutrition do wonders for one’s emotional well-being. You don’t have to be a fitness or diet master. You just have to eat smart and get moving. This will help a divorcing spouse stay positive through many divorce challenges.

Keep a conversation notebook

By taking notes on the various points you should discuss with your soon-to-be ex, you’ll be sure to remember all the important things that pass through your mind on a daily basis. This conversation notebook will help you stay focused on the most important things even if you become distracted by resentment and anger.

Spend time in nature

The park is there for a reason. It relaxes, calms and soothes the mind and body to spend time in nature. Make sure to spend a little time in nature every day. The cumulative effect on your life will be immeasurable.

Treat your spouse with respect

Whatever you do, stay respectful. This may be easier said than done, but if you try to be respectful and courteous, everyone in your family will benefit — especially you and your kids.


By this point, with rampant advertisements for yoga classes and meditation retreats, the advice “just breathe” might be enough to upset someone who’s suffering through emotional turmoil. However, breathing does work. If you’re upset, take some deep breaths as it will help you dissipate your emotional stress rather than directing it toward your spouse.

Don’t make the mistake of running away from challenges

Many people become so overwhelmed and stressed by their divorces that they simply give up, and basically stop defending themselves. This is a mistake. You can stand up for your legal rights and options in your divorce while viewing the process as a business transaction. Advocating for your legal rights in divorce does not have to be about judgments of who’s right and who’s wrong. The legal and financial aspects of your divorce are not about emotions or feelings — they’re about the law.