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What are some reasons people give for late child support?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Child Support

Are you and your ex trying to work out a parenting plan, a child custody agreement, and a child support plan as you go through a divorce? These are some of the biggest things that you’re going to consider, and it’s important to know that, even after you come to an agreement, things don’t always go as planned. In some cases, support payments are frequently late, which can cause a lot of friction and financial stress. Below are some common reasons that one woman provided, saying her ex used them all the time with his consistently late payments:

1. He had gone out of town, so he just wasn’t around to mail the check on time.

2. He needed to move his money around, transferring it from one account to another before paying her, and that slowed the process down.

3. He did not think that her division of some medical expenses was fair, so he did not want to pay as much as she was asking.

4. He forgot that the child support needed to be paid, and the email that she sent him as a reminder never arrived. Another time, he said that the email did go through, but that the font she chose was unreadable.

The woman felt that some of these reasons were just a power play, that he was holding back the money on purpose, because he didn’t want to pay it. Even so, there are things that can legitimately delay the process. Identifying issues like this is important, especially when they happen on a regular basis, and you must then know what legal steps you can take in Florida.

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