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The increase in social media prenups

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

Concerned that you aren’t going to have full control over what your spouse says about you online? You’re not alone, and many people are actually getting prenuptial agreements that dictate how social media can be used after the marriage. This has been on the rise as social media grows more and more popular and widely used.

Naturally, all of these prenups are a bit different, but one common example clause is stating that a spouse has to pay when putting pictures online that the other spouse finds unflattering. For those who want to make sure their spouses never post anything embarrassing, charging thousands of dollars for these offensive pictures sometimes does the trick.

In a slightly more serious vein, some prenups have noted that an ex can’t post any explicit or sexual pictures or videos in the event of a divorce. The prenup could also note that posting these during a marriage could be grounds for that divorce.

The importance of these contracts, experts say, is just that the Internet in the modern day and age tends to hold information forever. It’s incredibly difficult to remove anything that has been posted, and it’s often impossible. Once pictures, videos and other information have been released, they are out there in the cloud for good, and they can have a lasting impact on a person’s reputation. People are more careful now than ever to manage their online reputations, and this is just one new way to do it—as odd as it may sound at times.

If you’d like to draft a prenup with social media in mind, you need to know all of the regulations that have to be followed in Florida.

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