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Premarital agreements: Because you never know what might happen

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

Our last couple of blog posts have dealt with some serious marital issues, including infidelity. A theme of those posts, and of many news reports about the same subjects, is that marital issues can seemingly come out of nowhere. What seem like happily married people one day can become divorce-seeking individuals the next after a scandal such as the Ashley Madison situation. Even a pastor who seems to have his or her marriage life together can fall prey to situations involving infidelity and his or her own mistakes.

Because you never know what might happen in life — no matter how much you love someone — it’s a good idea to ensure you, your children, your brand, your assets and other items are protected if a marriage ends. Many people don’t broach the subject of premarital agreements because they feel like getting legal diminishes the ability to get romantic. You might also think it seems selfish to attempt to protect yourself against possible future actions from someone you profess to love.

The truth is, though, a premarital agreement doesn’t have to be one-sided. It can include protection for both individuals entering the marriage. In fact, when completed with understanding and the help of a legal professional, the prenuptial process might actually make you more certain the nuptial process is going to work out.

Decisions covered in premarital agreements aren’t all about money. You can lay out wishes for how children and heirs will be treated during, and if necessary, after a marriage. As a couple, you can also separate certain assets from the marital property or protect pre-marriage business interests or brands. Working together now to make such decisions can help you work together later during the marriage or if a situation causes you to want to end the relationship.