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Alleged domestic violence incident brings arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Police responded to a disturbance call last month in a Miami neighborhood. They were alerted by a woman who was checking on her friend’s well-being after not hearing from her for a couple of days.There they allegedly discovered a case of domestic abuse involving a 41-year-old man and his former girlfriend, 36.

Miami Police officers reportedly arrived at a residence and could hear sounds of a scuffle from within. After kicking down a rear door, cops entered and say they discovered a woman seated on the floor with a man kneeling behind her, restraining her with his arms. At first glance, officers thought he held a knife, but it was found to be only a flashlight.

Officers say that the man ignored a direct order to release the woman, so they separated the two. Allegedly, officers overheard the man asking the woman to tell them that she had been stabbed by unnamed Mexicans.

However, she reportedly told the officers she had been held for two days against her will and stabbed by her former boyfriend. There was a visible puncture wound to her lower back that had been bandaged.

The man was arrested on prior charges that included violating a protective order, assault and battery using a dangerous weapon, second degree robbery, perjury and domestic abuse. Additionally, he faces new charges of kidnapping, assault and battery with intent to kill and threatening acts of violence.

The days immediately following a domestic violence victim leaving her abuser can be the most lethal. To protect oneself from a vicious and violent former spouse or partner, it is advisable to contact a legal professional to get an order of protection from the court.

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