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Florida woman upset by delay of child support

On Behalf of | May 19, 2015 | Child Support

A single mother in Jacksonville, Florida, says that she is angry because her child support payments have met with several unexpected delays. In particular, the woman says that the Florida Department of Revenue has inexplicably failed to initiate a timely release of payments to her which they received from her ex-husband. The woman told a reporter that the agency received funds via direct deposit for the entire amount of a scheduled child support payment on April 27, yet she still had not received that money as of May 12.

This is not the first time the single-parent has experienced difficulty with payment delays from the FDR. She claims that a similar issue arose several years ago in an incident where the state released only one cent to her account. The woman says that part of the problem is that she has been unable to contact a live person to discuss her delayed child support problem. She says that the uncertainty of when the $682 per month payment will arrive is creating anxiety for her. She says that she relies on that money and is currently working from home.

In response to a reporter’s inquiries, the Department of Revenue said that they were unable to discuss specific issues regarding the woman’s case due to confidentiality restrictions. However, the FDR indicated that they currently have 682,256 open cases yet they have still managed to collect 78 percent of the child support due to the agency. The FDR also indicated that there are many factors which may affect the timeliness of the release of those funds.

Florida residents who receive child support can experience a host of problems. Sometimes it’s an issue of ex-spouses attempting to conceal income in order to avoid financially supporting their children. Other times parents encounter difficulty with state or federal agencies when attempting to ascertain the proper amount their ex-spouses should pay.

Fortunately, your Florida family law attorney can represent you in tracking down and resolving these issues. Your attorney can make use of forensic accountants as well as private investigators to help you get a complete picture of how much support your child’s other parent should be required to pay. Your attorney can also act on your behalf to compel government agencies to comply with appropriate rules and regulations regarding your child support issues.

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