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Man claims he died, so he didn’t have to pay child support

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Child Support

Florida parents seeking child support payments from uncooperative individuals know that when someone doesn’t want to pay child support, the excuses can become quite creative. While legitimate instances occur where people simply can’t afford to pay the support, there are also many times when someone just doesn’t want to pay and is willing to lie and cheat to avoid doing so. One case in another state illustrates just how far some people will go to avoid paying.

One man who has children with three different women has reportedly paid almost nothing in child support over the years, despite the fact that he has appeared in the media recently sporting a new car and accessories such as diamond-studded sunglasses. According to reports, two of the mothers report that they have never received child support, but only the third mother has sought legal action in the matter.

The man was in a car accident in 2009. According to reports, there was some sort of confusion over whether the man survived the car accident, and he is even trying to convince people that he died in the accident. The man says he was not eligible to pay child support since he was dead.

In August 2010, however, the man decided to buy a new car. When he attempted financing for the purchase, he was told that he had to be up to date on child support payments first, say reports. At that time, the man reportedly made a single payment of $100, but prosecutors state he hasn’t paid anything since.

The man is facing felony charges related to the issue. He could spend up 7.5 years in prison if he is convicted. Reports are that he plans to claim he is disabled, so cannot pay child support.

The case may seem bizarre, but it points out the level to which some people are willing to go to avoid even small child support payments. For those seeking payments from such individuals, legal recourse is available.

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