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The relationship between domestic violence and family law

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Domestic Violence

In some cases, domestic violence allegations are intertwined with other family law issues. Regardless of the surrounding issues, domestic violence accusations and charges are serious for both parties involved. Understanding the legalities of the charges can help individuals on either side decide on the best possible course of action.

Domestic violence issues may be what led someone in the relationship to seek divorce options. In trying to escape a dangerous situation, individuals can encounter serious opposition from the other party as well as a stressful legal battle. Having a professional on their side can help individuals in this situation stay the course and fight for what they believe is best for them and their children.

In other situations, domestic abuse allegations don’t surface until divorce proceedings are in play. While such allegations should be taken seriously and investigated by the proper authorities, there are cases when individuals involved in a divorce make claims as a way to seek leverage regarding things such as alimony, child support or child custody. Sometimes, the intent of the allegations is simply to have the other party back down on demands. When facing allegations used in this way, individuals can be property supported by someone who has experience in family law and domestic violence.

Whether you are seeking a protective order against an abusive spouse during a divorce or are fighting to keep parental rights after false accusations about your relationship with a spouse or children, there are legal options. The best outcomes are often reached by navigating legal channels in the proper way. Having a guide during the process gives you someone to rely on for support, education and legal expertise.