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New option for paying Florida child support

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Child Support

Individuals paying child support through the State of Florida previously had to mail a money order or check to the state. The state then disbursed funds to the required party as ordered by the court. According to a county court news release, individuals managing child support payments through the state can now use Western Union to send payments.

The program is called Western Union’s Child Support Payment Service. Individuals making payments can access the service at thousands of Western Union locations in Florida and across the country, making it easier for busy individuals to keep up with child support payments without worrying about delays related to mail.

The program does have a few requirements and limitations. Payments can be no more than $5,000. Each payment made through the service also comes with a fee of $3 paid to Western Union. To make a payment, individuals must provide Western Union with the last name of the custodial parent, the county number and the 11-digit case number used to identify child support payments with appropriate accounts.

It’s important to note that the Western Union system is only relevant for those who make their child support payments through the State of Florida. Individuals who pay a custodial parent directly cannot use the service, but they can arrange direct payment to another person via Western Union, which is one way to quickly transfer money.

Having another options for making child support payments is beneficial to many individuals. If money is tight and someone is waiting for a paycheck to make child support payments at the last minute, they can use Western Union to make payments instantaneously, for example. Even with options, some people may be unable to make agreed upon child support payments if circumstances change. Understanding options for modifying child support agreements can help individuals stay within legal bounds while managing personal finances.

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