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Your bad marriage could cost you during property division

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Property Division

Would you believe that your bad marriage could actually cause you financial troubles? The truth is that contentious Florida marriages often lead to money woes that could be avoided if the couple would improve their communication — or consider dissolving their marriage. Couples may be able to resolve some of the following financial concerns through the division of marital property that occurs during divorce.

These financial woes may sound familiar to you if your marriage is growing increasingly embattled. Perhaps your spouse is attempting to “buy your affection” by throwing money at the perceived problems in the marriage. Gift-giving or a permissive attitude toward discretionary spending may be one spouse’s way to compensate for the tension that is occurring in the marriage.

Couples also often engage in competitive spending in the months before a divorce. When a couple realizes the severity of their marital problems, they may feel compelled to “get their share” of the marital property by spending before the breakup. Experts say that both parties actually lose out when they adopt this perspective, as money is often spent on non-essential items.

These financial problems in the marriage may lead to a negative attitude going into the property division phase of the divorce. Couples should not adopt a rigid attitude that prevents negotiation about assets. In fact, having such a strict strategy may end up costing you in the long run — the expense that often accompanies divorce negotiation may not be worth you “scoring the final points” in the marriage. This is true for couples who are anticipating a high-asset break, along with those who have more modest resources. A family law team may be able to encourage a realistic perspective to help you and your partner fairly divide your marital holdings.

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