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Workplace provisions for victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Many divorce filings in Florida relate to domestic violence or some other type of abuse. Victims of domestic violence may have more rights than they think, however. Special protections may extend to some domestic violence victims through their workplace, for example. Knowing your rights under Florida law can help you improve the safety and welfare of your family in the face of abuse and other family issues.

Florida law affords victims three days off of work during each 12-month period for dealing with the medical or legal aspects of domestic violence. This provision comes with a caveat, however: Your company must employ at least 50 people, and you must have been working at that company for at least three months. Your employer is not legally required to give you time off for domestic violence issues if those qualifications are not met.

However, employee manuals and even some union agreements provide additional protection for workers who are suffering from domestic violence. Even better, domestic violence victims who work in Miami-Dade County are entitled to 30 days off from work to deal with the medical and legal effects of domestic violence. During this time, counseling can be obtained, child custody and support hearings can occur, and you can enlist the help of a legal team to represent your interests in court.

No one should have to abandon their career because they are suffering through a domestic violence situation. Florida law includes specific provisions for those victims who need extra assistance managing their personal and legal matters. You do not have to feel alone after filing a domestic violence complaint; the state and your legal team can help support you and your family through this difficult process.

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