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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars argue over premarital agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements

Florida couple approaching marriage dates or decisions may have discussed whether or not they want a prenup. Many people see premarital agreements as something that rich people need, but such agreements can be useful for any marriage. The agreements can protect interests, including financial, business or personal, for anyone, but it is a good idea for the couple to agree on the prenup prior to signing the document.

The stars of one reality television show are currently planning their wedding, but a trailer from an upcoming show hints that there are troubles in the premarital waters. According to the trailer, the couple has some disagreement over whether they’ll have a premarital agreement.

The released clip of the show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” features Benzino and Althea Heart. Benzino vents to a third person while Heart puts on a concert. During the venting session, Benzino says he wants a prenuptial agreement. The third party agrees that a prenup is a good idea.

According to the trailer, Benzino talks to his soon-to-be-bride after her performance. When he brings up the prenup, she disagrees. According to later footage in the released video, Heart doesn’t want a prenup because she desires to become a part owner of her fiance’s magazine, Hip Hop Weekly.

The drama surrounding two celebrities and their discussions regarding a prenup obviously make for good reality television. In everyday life, however, that same drama plays out in numerous relationships. A prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to be framed as one person against another or come with arguments and drama, however. By working together, couples can strengthen relationships and set a solid foundation for upcoming marriages with agreements that put cards on the table and ensure both people are entering the union with equal expectations.

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