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Marital property isn’t a reason to stay married

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2014 | Property Division

Some Florida couples may know their marriage has come to an end but stay in the relationship because of fears about how much a divorce might end up costing. It’s not the legal fees most worry about–larger worries often revolve around things such as property division.

One report indicates that the cost of staying together –especially if an extra-marital affair is involved — can be a problem, too. A survey from a British retail company proposed that the cost of an affair averaged around $2,664 each month. Those costs included hotel rooms, drink and dinner expenses, dates and gifts.

Some experts disagree with the survey, stating that affairs can be much more expensive. One expert discussed the use of secret cellphones and credit accounts to communicate with a lover and pay for the activities involved in an affair. Experts also pointed out large expenses, such as plane tickets, which could be involved in an affair.

One expert said a couple spent $2,500 a week on a hotel room once, and another said some lovers with means pay for apartments for their partner to live in. The expense doesn’t just occur on the side of the person having the affair. One agency reported that spouses often engage them to investigate the activities of husbands or wives. Investigations can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

One thing to take away from these illustrations is that it’s important to know when a marriage is coming to an end. Working together to divide marital property may also be less expensive than trying to live separate lives while still in a relationship with each other.

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