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Celebrity divorce rumors impact ticket sales

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2014 | Divorce

For any couple, marital distress can cause an impact across all areas of life. Distress before and during a divorce can bring negative impact to other familial relationships as well as social and business life. Seeking to resolve issues through civil, legal processes is one way to reduce the impact of a marriage breakup.

Stars Jay Z and Beyonce are reportedly seeing a business impact from their marital struggles. Venues are reporting that the couple’s summer concert series, which is visiting a number of locations including Miami, is undersold by tens of thousands of tickets. According to reports, summer concerts of such caliber usually sell out quickly.

Industry insiders are blaming the couple’s marital situation for the lackluster ticket sales. According to reports, Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator, an event which was recorded and reported throughout the entertainment industry. At that time, speculation about the couple’s marriage began.

Reports are that both individuals are involved with someone outside of the marriage. Beyonce is reportedly having her ring tattoo — a symbol of love she had completed when she married Jay Z — removed. Jay Z is quoted as saying “nothing lasts forever,” with regard to the marriage.

One expert says the reason for lackluster concert ticket sales may be that recent releases from both of the individuals are not receiving the necessary amount of radio airtime. Another insider said the news of the couple’s problems and the elevator fight left people with a sour taste regarding the couple and their music.

Sometimes, there isn’t anything you can do about what other people think. Discretion is often a positive trait during a divorce, but moving forward with what is best for you is important no matter what outsiders may say about the situation.

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