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Post-divorce advice to avail blended family units

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Divorce

There are millions of stepfamilies across the country, and we thought it might be interesting to share some of their post-divorce recommendations and tips for our Florida and other readers.

The advice that follows is from a series of articles featured in the Huffington Post, in which stepmoms and stepdads in blended families that are created following divorce have shared their thoughts on matters they consider important regarding new family formation.

What they have to say might resonate with many people, given the high number of blended families across the country, as well as families that are about to embark on that exciting journey.

The concept of a journey — a new odyssey, coupled with unlimited upside potential — seems to hold true in many such families, with one couple stating what is likely true for millions of others, namely this: The second time can be better for both a newly married couple and the kids from prior marriages, because new learning can be solidly grounded from past knowledge.

In other words, and as stated in the Post, new marriages can be a golden opportunity for couples “to show their kids what love should look like.” Much can be learned in a divorce, and many divorcing spouses take strong note of what they learned through the process to become even better parents the second time around with their newly blended families.

Here’s another solid — and simple — tip that, if duly applied, will yield great benefit: Give love time to grow. As one advice giver states, “Be willing to give everyone the time and space they need.” For families that heed that lesson, she says, love will come in time, of its own accord.

Embrace problems and seek to deal with them honestly and openly. That is another piece of advice, as is the recommendation to let go of past resentments connected with an ex-spouse and earlier marriage, to the extent that such is possible.

The kids will obviously benefit from that, and what could possibly be more important to the healing process and as a contributing factor to collective strength in a blended family unit?

Source: Huffington Post, “7 things we’ve learned from our blended families of the week,” Dec. 27, 2013