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Collaborative divorce can help couples feel in control

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Divorce

We recently wrote about alternatives to a traditional divorce in Florida. One of those alternatives is a collaborative divorce. Our earlier warning that the collaborative process might not be the best choice for every couple still rings true — which is why seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney prior to committing to any process, is a prudent choice.

That being said, collaborative divorce is still a great option for some couples. Wealthy couples have chosen this type of divorce in the past as a way to keep personal details private, but privacy certainly isn’t the only benefit.

Breaking up of any kind can be hard to do. It is emotional even when it is what the pair wants. For couples who agree on a lot of things — including moving on from their marriage — this process can make the split less stressful and less expensive.

Couples work together during the process to come to a divorce settlement that works for them. Each spouse still has the protection of an attorney, but they work in a relaxed setting and have the freedom to come up with creative solutions. It can give the couple more control than they might have in court.

Working together to come up with a divorce settlement also acts as a sort of trial run for co-parenting where children are concerned. The collaboration can help avoid bitterness or resentment that might play out and affect the kids. Instead, they get to focus on spending quality time together.

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