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Wife of ex-director of anti-violence group recants abuse charge

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2013 | Domestic Violence

As this blog has indicated in a few prior select posts, the subject of domestic violence occurring in families in Florida and nationally is often extremely complex in its overtones and implications.

For example, and although men are statistically proven to be the aggressors in committing acts of domestic abuse in a very high percentage of cases, they are also sometimes the victims of violence. Victims sometimes recant their allegations despite clear evidence of abuse, out of feelings of guilt or fear or love. A history of violence in some homes has a sad propensity to reoccur, being a stable predictor of future violence in that home.

In a manner denoting more than small irony, a spouse in Illinois recently dropped domestic violence charges she had filed this past May against her husband, Tio Hardiman. Up until the time she filed her domestic battery report, Hardiman had been the national director of CeaseFire, a widely known organization that seeks to prevent violence, especially among street gangs.

In terminating Hardiman from his post, a spokesperson from Cure Violence, the parent group of CeaseFire, stated that the organization was merely implementing a zero-sum policy against domestic violence that Hardiman had helped author for the group.

Hardiman has steadfastly denied the allegation, saying that he never touched his wife and voicing hopes that the couple might now “make a comeback” and that he can resume his career.

Officials with Cure Violence have been mum regarding that expressed hope. They state that, following Hardiman’s arrest earlier this year, they were apprised for the first time of a prior criminal count of domestic battery filed against Hardiman by his former wife, which Hardiman pleaded guilty to in 1999.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Former CeaseFire director’s wife drops domestic violence charges,” July 2, 2013