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Could home improvement projects be detrimental to a marriage?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Divorce

Last month on our blog, we wrote about how married couples who argue about financial issues early in their marriage are more likely to split up. It is fairly well established that disputes over money are one of the leading reasons for divorce in Florida and around the country.

Many of these divorces are due to long-simmering financial concerns that may come to a boiling point, such as excessive credit card debt. However, sometimes a one-time event can cause enough dissent in the relationship for its participants to consider splitting up also.

One such activity, a new survey has found, is home renovation. The stresses of a major remodeling project, such as cramped living quarters, timelines that aren’t met, and expenses that aren’t anticipated can make some people question if their relationship ought to continue. Over 50 percent of respondents to the survey said that their marriages had been strained by home improvement projects; more than 10 percent said they had thought about separating or divorcing as a result.

Many of the couples who responded to the survey said that one of the sources of their discontent was their differing styles. A renovation can be a big project, and if two people aren’t in harmony over what the finished product is to look like, conflict could easily follow.

This isn’t to suggest that people put off home improvements because they might spur relationship problems. However, people who are seriously considering divorce for any reason might wish to speak with a Florida family law attorney for advice.

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