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New study highlights divorce concerns for many

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2013 | Divorce

A central conclusion emerging from a recent family law study of 2,000 married couples concerning divorce is this: If it were not for a variety of reasons that make people balk and step back from the divorce process, the divorce rate would be considerably higher than it actually is.

In other words: A high number of married couples who do not divorce actually think about doing so, but are restrained by a multitude of reasons. Remove those variables and the number and rate of divorces would rise substantially.

In fact, fully 20 percent of the surveyed respondents reported that they would dissolve their marriages if they didn’t feel trapped.

Translated, that means that they would divorce if they could be assured of financial security following dissolution. When that is not the case, a high number of unhappy couples stay together, feeling that they need to do so of necessity.

Other interesting findings from the study include these: Fifteen percent of the persons polled indicated that they married the wrong person and that, if they could redo things, they would have gone with another partner. Nearly 30 percent stated that they would tell younger would-be married couples to forgo tying the knot.

One commenting family law attorney notes what many other divorce lawyers — as well as most family and marriage therapists — think about that, namely, that toughing it out in a flatly bad marriage is often an ill-advised strategy.

And doing so can have adverse repercussions for all family members, including, especially, the kids.

When marriage simply doesn’t work, the study commentator notes, “it can be a terrible strain on both parties as well as any children involved.”

A proven family law attorney with in-depth experience in divorce representation can candidly discuss divorce-related matters and concerns with any party having questions, as well as serve as a strong legal advocate throughout the divorce process.

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