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Dwayne Wade divorce: local elements, a little bit of everything

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Divorce

It has certainly been a long, hard slog through the courts and the tabloids, but reports are now indicating that the long-term and notably acrimonious legal battle between professional basketball superstar Dwayne Wade and his former spouse, Siohvaughn Funches, has finally been settled.

Wade, who is a prominent member of the world champion Miami Heat NBA team and generally deemed to be among the most popular of high-profile athletes, filed for divorce in 2007. That filing led to protracted litigation involving support and child custody matters. A court representative for the couple’s two young boys questioned Siohvaughn Funches’ parental stability, recommending to an Illinois court that Wade be granted sole custody. That eventually turned out to be the case.

Since then, the couple’s continuing dissolution-related problems have continued to be leading media stories. Funches recently filed a lawsuit against Wade, alleging that he and several of his corporate business partners have been in breach of an agreement executed by the couple pursuant to which endorsement-related money must go to a single identified account. That litigation was dismissed just last week.

Funches thereafter engaged in a public protest of sorts, by carrying a sign in downtown Chicago stating that she was “on the streets” owing to Wade’s lack of support.

Wade’s legal representatives have strongly disputed that claim, calling it “unfounded” and stating that Wade has consistently provided for her needs over the years.

The settlement just reported by multiple media outlets states that Wade will pay his ex-wife $5 million and turn over the couple’s Chicago home and a number of automobiles to her.

The agreement reportedly contains a “non-disparage” clause ordering each party to desist from making negative public comments about the other.

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