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Domestic violence: the need to act and be protected

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Partner abuse in a relationship is always an unfortunate thing that, in many instances, escalates with dire consequences. Moreover, domestic violence is often marked by a very complex interplay of related family law issues that makes a boilerplate response ineffective. In some instances, domestic abuse centers on a family’s children, while in other cases it can be a matter of an abusive spouse or partner engaging in persistent and violent battering.

Although the solution in any given case must address the unique considerations of a family in the context of precisely what is going on, one thing is certain: Abuse generally does not go away. It is recurring and pernicious behavior that can have, in some instances, fatal consequences. It needs to be proactively addressed.

Contacting a family law attorney with experience representing domestic violence victims and familiarity with resources that assist victims is a good start. A proven and empathetic attorney can help a victim of violence in many ways, such as getting a restraining order in place and making necessary referrals.

Due consideration needs to be given the scope of any court order directed toward a person who has acted violently in the past. A victim obviously needs to feel safe and secure at home and while going about daily life. Additionally, she (and sometimes he) needs to be protected at the workplace, which might create a need for a violence victim to candidly communicate with an employer and the human resource department.

An experienced attorney can answer questions and provide assistance.

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