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Baseball star’s divorce highlights common divorce issues

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2013 | Divorce

As we have noted in prior blog posts, divorce is a flatly unique experience for every couple that goes through it. That is why, in the viewpoint of many family law commentators, a cookie cutter approach to the matter, with a few boilerplate forms and recommendations, is a hapless exercise in all but a few instances of dissolution. Namely, those are divorces in which virtually nothing is at issue, and those types of outcomes are anomalies, indeed.

Take the case concerning the recent divorce filing of Nicole Jones, for example, the wife of professional baseball player Andruw Jones, who has played for a number of major league teams over a decade-plus career.

The Jones’ divorce filing is illustrative for precisely the reason that divorce is often a complex and convoluted matter to resolve, especially where children, property and other considerations are involved. In other words, the outstanding issues in the Jones dissolution, while many, mirror those often found in the divorces of other people and underscore the need for the involvement of an experienced divorce attorney.

Andruw and Nicole Jones have been married for 10 years. Child custody is an issue, with Nicole seeking primary custody of the couple’s young son. Child support, too, is in play, as is Nicole’s request for spousal maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, additional issues beyond those need to be resolved as well. The couple executed a prenuptial agreement before they wed, and Nicole now wants a judge to look at that and ultimately declare it void. She also wants an equitable share of the marital wealth and is reportedly seeking half of the estate.

Beyond that, and what drove the couple’s divorce into the media’s glare, is the domestic abuse incident that occurred at the Jones home this past Christmas. Andruw Jones was arrested for that and charged with battery.

Thus, there are more than a handful of relevant matters on the table in the Jones divorce, which is similarly the case in literally millions of other divorces. The focused and vigorous representation of an experienced family law attorney is often centrally important in resolving those matters.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Wife of ex-Brave Andruw Jones files for divorce,” Kate Brumback, Jan. 2, 2013

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